DIY Terracotta Air Dry Clay Earrings – Four Ways

This post is by Francesca of Fall for DIY. Check out the original post here

I have three levels of how I wear jewellery. It’s either 1, nothing at all. 2, one small, understated piece or 3, big statement earrings. My new favourite is the latter.

I wear my hair tied up much more often these days and a great pair of earrings can make this look more intentional (than time saving).


You’ll need:

Roll out your clay using a fondant roller or two pieces of thin strip wood to keep it an even thickness.

Three Quarter Earrings

1. Cut out a circle around 2″ in diameter using a cookie cutter. With your craft knife, cut out one quarter of the circle.

2. Cut off the end of the earring blank using plier cutters and push the post into the clay. Once this has dried take the post out and add some E6000 glue to the end of the post. Push it back into the hole and leave it overnight to set.

3. Sand the clay with fine sand paper until it’s smooth all over.

Hoop Earrings

1. Cut out two circles and using a smaller cookie cutter cut out another two circles inside them.

2. Using a craft knife cut out two squares. Leave the clay to dry, sand smooth and glue the square to the top of the circle.

3. Use the E6000 adhesive to glue the earring blank to the back of the square and leave to set.

Knot Earrings

1. With your hands roll out a long sausage of clay. Wrap this into a knot or twist and leave to set. Make sure you overlap the ends to create a place for the earring blank to be added. Repeat with another piece of clay mirroring the first knot.

2. Once they are dry, sand and add the earring blanks to the overlap.

Half Circle Earrings

1. Cut out three circles about 2″ in diameter. Using a craft knife cut these in half. Lay them out in the design show below.

2. Push your eye pins into the clay where it joins with the next piece. Make sure the eye pins are twisted 90 degrees where they meet so that each pin can be joined with the one next to it.

3. Leave the clay to dry then sand smooth. Using the round tip of the pliers gently open the eye pin (see this post for video tutorial) and attach it to the next one in the design. Add the earring blank to the top of the first half circle and leave to dry.

I hope you love these earrings as much as I do! I’d love to know if you had fun making this DIY Project. Let me know in the comments xx

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